Our Natural Ingredients
September 22, 2020

Our Natural Ingredients

It is no secret that the hair care market is shifting towards natural ingredients as they are equally beneficial without having undesirable side effects. Natucain is revolutionising the hair loss industry with its innovative 100% natural hair loss treatment. The formula contains extracts of beans, plants’ leaves and stems that promote growth from the hair root. 


  1. Bambusa Vulgaris ~ Bamboo: this herb is the fastest growing plant in the world. Appropriately, it also promotes hair growth as it contains silica; a micro-nutrient found in the bones, skin and hair. Furthermore, the bamboo extract is not only a great scalp cleanser as it aids the removal of dead skin and pollutants, but also it retains the moisture in each strand of hair- reducing its break-ability. Finally, its antioxidant properties function as an anti-irritant on sensitive scalps by providing nutrition.

  2. Thymus Vulgaris ~ Thyme: not only is thyme rich in Vitamin C and A but it also contains a large concentration of  iron, copper, and manganese. This plant delivers a series of nutrients directly into the hair follicles. Likewise, thyme contributes to providing higher blood circulation and thus promotes hair growth whilst it’s nutrients make the hair healthier and shinier.

  3. Lens Esculenta ~ Lentil: being a great source of biotin and zinc, lentils are a super-food for your hair as it strengthens the actual hair strands, a consequence of their tremendous levels of protein. Additionally, lentils have a very high concentration of folic acid. This acid is directly correlated with healthy hair and skin as it restores the levels of red blood cells, thus it oxygenates the scalp and whole body. Moreover, folic acid is essential in promoting hair growth due to its proficiency in cell renewal.

  4. Cicer Arietinum ~ Chickpea: abounding in iron, copper, zinc and manganese; chickpeas are of great importance in improving hair growth. The manganese allows hair to grow faster and stronger. On the other hand, the zinc prevents hair thinning and fights dandruff- a declared enemy towards hair loss. Plus, iron is essential in strengthening hair follicles, whilst copper aids the regrowth of hair.

  5. Glycine Max ~ Soybean: like many other plant-based proteins, soy provides high levels of nutrients which strengthens hair strands. Equally important, soy extract has isoflavone which not only reduces the levels of DHT on the hair follicle but also stimulates the production of Hyaluronic Acid on both the dermis and the epidermis, hydrating the hair on its deepest layers while providing a protective layer along the hair strands.

  6. Ocimum Sanctum ~ Holy Basil: considered a sacred plant in India as a consequence of extensive use in Ayurvedic medicine, Holy Basil is indeed a blessed plant when it comes to promoting hair growth. It boosts the blood circulation and rejuvenates and fortifies the hair follicle. The stimulus not only promotes hair growth but also reduces hair loss as it strengthens the hair from the root. Likewise, its antibacterial properties target up to four different types of fungus which lead to dandruff and hair loss.

  7. Origanum Vulgare ~ Oregano: its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties treat dandruff and allow irritated scalp to heal. Similarly it has hydrating properties that nourishes the scalp, fortifying the hair from the root. Moreover, it is loaded with antioxidants which in combination with the scalp treatment promotes hair growth on a faster rate. By the same token, these antioxidants prevent cellular damage. One of the antioxidants is carvacrol, an important component of the hair and skin as it promotes the production of collagen.

  8. Pisum Sativum ~ Pea sprouts: just like with soybeans, pea sprouts are rich in isoflavones, a phytochemical that not only decreases the levels of DHT on the hair follicle but protect the hair strands against damage, drought, pollutants and extreme ultraviolet aggression towards the hair. Pea sprouts are rich in Vitamin A, C and folic acid. The differentiating factor with pea sprouts is their ability to shorten the telogen phase of the hair cycle and prolong the anagen phase- allowing for hair to grow longer and denser.