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Natucain's Global Expansion

Posted by New Flag UK on
Natucain's Global Expansion

This September was the official launch of Natucain across Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. With a green online lunch, the brand welcomed some of the top 30 hairdressers of the region to a webinar with Stefanie Seyda, the scientist and founder behind the unique MKMS24 molecule, as the host. The ground-breaking technologies included within Natucain drew in huge numbers of orders from across the region and proved an instant hit!

Stefanie introduced herself and revealed her journey to the discovery of this cutting-edge product. Throughout her talk, Stefanie discussed the detailed function of the molecules functions but also explained the natural hair process which our readers can find here. Industry heavyweights, such as Justin Regterschot, joined to discuss the problems attributed to hair loss. Regterschot is known for his entrepreneurial niche website,, which contains not only a broad range of products to combat hair loss but also expert advice on the topic. On the site, Justin highlights some of the best products on the market- featuring both the positives and side-effects of each product. We were very pleased to announce that he is now testing, and personally using, Natucain!

Those that attended the event were particularly drawn to the rarity of one of the few brands globally to be 100% natural. Moreover, the experts were fascinated by the existence of a product without any proven side-effects and decided to join our regional “Natucain: Benelux Proof Panel”. An event where each salon will have two clients testing the products.  

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