Wow Brows: Why I love our natural Natucain eyebrow enhancing serum
May 20, 2022

Wow Brows: Why I love our natural Natucain eyebrow enhancing serum

Wow Brows: Why I love our natural Natucain lash & brow serums

As a teenager, like all my friends, I started plucking my eyebrows. Every day, I carefully checked to see if another new hair dared to come to the surface to be removed immediately. My thin eyebrows were sacred to me. That is now "totally out", because today it's the thick and bushy brows that score points. I'm not 100% sure how the trend came to be, but it's certainly here to stay.

It may be due to supermodel Cara Delevingne, who set new accents on the international catwalks some time ago with her plump eyebrows. She inspired me a lot and changed my perception of eyebrows. As a result, I experienced the portraits of Frida Kahlo in a whole new way and also found myself intensively eyeing her eyebrows when talking to friends. This process was an inspiration to me, as it gave birth to our natural Natucain serum for eyebrow growth.

I'm proud of it because eyebrows frame our face and are essential for expressive facial expressions. Natucain helps women and men achieve more expressive facial expressions, because our eyebrows are essential for this. But with Natucain, we do it in a 100% natural way, we skip the painful hormones found in so many of the most popular growth serums.


What makes eyebrows grow | eyebrow enhancement

Eyebrows thank a healthy lifestyle with diligent growth. However, we are talking about millimetre work here: brows grow about 1 mm per week. Depending on genetics, this can be a little faster or a little slower. Vitamins and minerals have a positive effect. Muesli for breakfast is just right, because oatmeal, nuts and milk contain a lot of biotin. Iron and zinc are also very important for hair growth. And I can't stress often enough how important it is to drink enough. Nevertheless, often enough we only see a hint of eyebrows. This can have many causes, e.g. too many damaged hair papillae due to too long, intensive plucking. Medication, e.g. antibiotics, can also severely restrict eyebrow enhancement. Then I recommend loving care and growth support to achieve optimal eyebrow enhancement.


The natural way to more facial expression.

Much has already been written about Caren Miosga's eyebrows' own life. This alone shows how expressive eyebrows can be. Eyebrows are very important for our communication. In a matter of seconds, we can express a heartfelt (or contrary) hello with our eyebrows. But even those who live very healthy lives, avoid stress, drink plenty of water and care for their eyebrows with nutrients on a daily basis may need support to grow. The importance of enhanced eyebrows varies by person, but no doubt everyone takes note of your eyebrows. 

In any case, this support should be of natural origin and without hormones, some of which have strong side effects and can influence the hormone balance of our body. Because the brows are also one of our largest and most sensitive organs: our skin. I have been working with the most modern biotechnologies for years. This has enabled me to create a serum from bamboo, thyme and lentil extracts. It supplies the hair root with the most important nutrients, which are particularly important for the growth phase of the eyebrows. I am always impressed how nature can support our body. This is another reason why I fundamentally reject hormones, silicones, parabens or sulphates.


Minimum effort - maximum effect.

If you care for your enhanced eyebrows in the morning and in the evening with Natucain Eyebrow Growth Serum, you will be able to admire a visible result after a short time, namely within 6-8 weeks. After the first few weeks, the eyebrows can continue to be motivated in the long term with a single daily application. This can be integrated very well into a morning facial massage. I smooth the forehead from the centre outwards and then a few times from the root of the nose along the eyebrows outwards. Afterwards, I usually feel vital and fresh for the day. If I'm a little tired, I gently circle my eyes a few more times. That works wonders. My tip: Try it out! Have fun growing your eyebrows.

By the way, during my research on the topic of eyebrows, I also discovered new travel destinations. Central Asia is now on my wish list. There, women with mono-brows fulfil the local beauty ideals. But that will take a while, so I will travel to Assen in the Netherlands at the next opportunity and see the Frida Kahlo exhibition in the Drents Museum.

- Steffi