Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Activator

Natucain was developed for the different needs of men and women with thinning or already lost hair. We've conducted tests against male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, and alopecia.

A significant percentage of men suffer from hereditary, circular or hormonal hair loss. Our clinical studies have shown that men's hair can grow back in three months.

No, Natucain can also be applied to dry or freshly towel-dried hair.

Yes, but the hair should be washed without the use of shampoos containing silicones.

We do not recommend applying any hair products that contain silicone to the scalp.

You can use your usual hair care for the lengths and tips.

You should not shampoo your hair with products containing silicones during treatment. Conditioners and masks containing silicones can be used, however these should only be applied to the lengths of the hair - and not to the roots.

Common silicones in haircare include:



Pheryl Trimethicone

Ceteraryl Methicone


Stearyl Dimethicone

Dimethicone Copolyol

Lauryl Methicone Copolyol

Ingredients ending with “-cone”.

With regular use, the first results are visible on average after 6-8 weeks. This entirely depends on your personal hair growth cycle, and in a small number of people this may take up to 12 weeks.

With recommended usage, one bottle will last 2-3 months.

The first time you use Natucain, you may find the the first bottle only lasts 2 months, as it is recommended to apply the product twice daily in the first month. Afterwards, the product can be applied once daily and one bottle should last 3 months.

With Natucain the hair grows 1.5 times faster.

  1. The first month, apply 1ml (=6 pumps) total in the morning and 1ml (=6 pumps) total in the evening. Massage into areas affected by hair loss, thinning hair or weak hair.
  2. From the 2nd month and onward, apply only once a day (morning or evening).
  3. Continue 1ml application a day in order to maintain results.

It is not important that you only spray the effected area. We recommend spraying your entire head. The scalp acts like a sponge and will absorb in the correct areas.

Lash & Brow Serums

Yes, both serums have been medically tested by dermatologists. Verifying results and no major side effects.  

Medical questions should always be consulted with your doctor, but it’s a 100% natural origin product and we have seen positive results with people who are pregnant/taking medication

Yes you can use with eyebrow/lash tint/contact lenses, but the growth activator should be applied first and allowed to dry - the eyebrow/lash tint used should be silicone free.

Yes! All Natucain products are made with 100% natural origin in puts. Our active ingredient is MKMS24, which is not an irritant.

With correct use each bottle will last 6-8 weeks. After using the serums for 8 weeks you only need to apply once daily.

Specifically for Women

Yes, Natucain is suitable for both men and women.

No. There are no residues left on the hair, and the product is 100% natural, therefore this has no influence on other hairdressing services.

Please ask your doctor. So far, no negative effects have been reported.

Yes. During the menopause women report thinning hair. Hair loss, dullness and colour fading. These are all signs of the hair aging process. As Natucain is 100% natural and hormone-free it is suitable for women in their menopause, and helps to slow down hair loss and improves colour pigmentation.

Yes. Natucain works for all types of hair loss, and studies have shown that sex isn't a factor in the results from the product.

Hair, Skin & Medical Concerns

As the product is 100% natural, there are no known negative effects to using Natucain.

There will be no negative effects once you stop using Natucain, however, the hair will return to its previous state after 5 - 6 months.

Natucain is purely natural and does not change the colour of dyed hair.

Customers report increased hair pigmentation after using Natucain.  

If you have an irritated / inflamed scalp, please consult your doctor before using Natucain.

Various hair transplant clinics recommend Natucain after hair transplantation. You can start using Natucain 5-7 days after the transplantation.

Patients lose up to 50% of the implanted hair after hair transplantation. 

Advantages for the patient: Natucain is used at home after the operation - with regular treatment, patients lose fewer hairs. This ensures improved results.

Most clinics also offer hormone therapy to reduce hair loss in women. Natucain is an alternative treatment with no side effects and a proven high success rate. 

There are no known side effects.

There are no known interactions with other medications. Customers who have noticed thinning hair as a result of taking medication report noticeably thicker, fuller and more vital hair.

Have any further questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us!