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Reduces Hair Loss by 90%

Enhances Hair Growth by 93%

100% Natural Ingredients

The Results

No complicated regimes using multiple products. The one-product, simple spray-on application delivers the first results within 6 - 8 weeks.

Nature-Based Science

Our active ingredient MKMS24 is created using stem cell technology, derived from bamboo, thyme and lentils.

Spray-on Application

No complicated regimes including various products, just simply spray our product directly at the root.

Fast & Visible Results

First results within 6-8 weeks. Up to 30,000 new hairs grown with continued use.

What you're saying...

I was allowed to test Natucain before the official launch. On the back of my head I had occasional bald spots, which started to fill in again after a few weeks of using Natucain. I have been using this for over 4 months now and have visibly fuller hair.

I've been using Natucain for about 6 weeks now, at first nothing happened and I was about to give up - then after 4 weeks my hair loss decreased. New hair is growing all over the place! Really great! I will keep using it. My hair feels great!

In the last stage of my pregnancy I suddenly had severe hair loss. I was allowed to test Natucain before launch and have been using it regularly since then. The first hairs are already visible and I find that my hair feels thicker again.