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Reduce hair loss by 90% with a hormone-free and naturally derived formula
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Stefanie Seyda, founder of Natucain

Our Revolutionary Formula

MKMS24 is Natucain's active ingredient. Extracted using stem-cell technology by Oxford's M.D. Stefanie Seyda.

MKMS24 is a natural molecule derived from lentils, thyme and bamboo. Stimulating hair growth by targeting the root.

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Results do the talking

Results do the talking

Dermatologically proven to increase lash length up to 52% & brow density up to 54%.

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Clinically Proven Results

No hormones, 100% natural.


At first, I did not quite believe at as I tried many products, nothing helped. But Natucain is different! It helped me grow back my
hair in the front corners and it changed my life.

The only product that helped me that consists of 100% ingredients of natural origin and has no side effects! Stops hair loss and stimulates hair growth

My hairs getting stronger and thicker. But the most exciting thing is I'm seeing tons of new baby hairs popping up. I haven't seen that with any other product!!

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Keith Fletcher Hair Activator
Aliyah K. Hair Activator
Wow Brows: Why I love our natural Natucain eyebrow enhancing serum

Wow Brows: Why I love our natural Natucain eyebrow enhancing serum

She inspired me a lot and changed my perception of eyebrows. As a result, I experienced the portraits of Frida Kahlo in a whole new way and also found myself intensively eyeing her eyebrows when talking to friends. This process was an inspiration to me, as it gave birth to our natural Natucain serum for eyebrow growth.

Natucain Medical Doctor Inventor Stefanie Seyda

Female Hairloss: causes and solutions for rapid hair growth

Hair is undeniably important for women and can serve as a source of confidence in their everyday lives. Therefore, hair loss is undoubtedly a scary concept for women. For some context however, losing hair when washing or brushing your hair is totally normal. On average, we lose about 100 strands of hair a day, and this is a natural process that occurs in different growth phases of the hair.